Saturday, 24 September 2011

Back in the UK - new Palmer Pletch DVD and sewing patterns

I arrived back in the UK yesterday and was pleased to receive my copy of the Palmer Pletsch Jeans for real People DVDI have watched the first DVD and there are some very useful tips in it, so will look forward to watching the 2nd DVD and actually getting my first pair of jeans made in due course.

My lovely friend Anita from Houston kindly dashed down to Joanns to take advantage of their recent pattern sale and purchased some patterns for me which I just can't wait to sew. Thanks Anita you're a star.

As mentioned in my previous blog I purchased 2 pieces of silk and some batik fabric, which have now been washed and are ready to either put in my stash or prepare for cutting out and sewing.  Both pieces of silk are 2.6 mtrs in length, so should be long enough to make two nice silk blouses, so I will probably cut the two out at the same time and sew them up together to save changing the threads on the serger.

Malaysia is 7 hours ahead of the UK, and despite being woken at 3am for breakfast on the flight into the UK yesterday, and staying awake until around 9:30pm last night, I still woke up at 3am again this morning, ahghrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  the joy of long haul travel (not). 

I have booked Monday and Tuesday off work and intend to indulge in some much needed sewing.  I dedicated today to washing, and ironing to ensure that I will not be distracted by household chores on Monday and Tuesday.  I have already started cutting out some more pants to make and take to the flat with me on Tuesday night, and I also have a couple of minor repairs to do too.

more later..........

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