Sunday, 17 June 2012

8th Shirt completed

I have finished my 8th shirt this morning and given it to my D Mike for Father's Day here in the UK.

I had one of those moments last night when I sewed on the 2nd sleeve with a flat felled seam, looked at it and then said @!****!@ I had put it on the wrong way.  Have you tried unpicking a flat felled seam on a black jacquard fabric sewn with black thread?  All I can say is thank goodness for my illuminated magnifying glass.

My plan was to finish the shirt last night, because I have cut out some beige pants/trousers that are part made, and also bought some beautiful orange cotton to make a jacket with.  You recall I bought some orange shoes and bag recently, well my beige pants, and orange jacket will make up a particular  look that I saw in a RTW catalogue that I wanted to copy.  However, by the time I had unpicked two seams, on a fabric that also liked to unravel, I was too grumpy to finish it last night.

I woke around 7am this morning and left Mike fast asleep in bed and crept upstairs to finish the shirt and give it to him today.  He loves it and I am pleased with the end result.

I mad one minor change to this shirt.  While I was out shopping yesterday I saw a shirt in a shop window with a contrasting bias strip sewn to the hem line, where the back and front pieces are joined.  I cut two 1" bias strips of the skull and cross bone fabric and stitched it on the curve of the hem, this give just another tweak to the same pattern.

I have two more shirts to make to meet my quota of 10, however when shopping for buttons yesterday I bought a lovely two-tone oxford broadcloth, and a beautiful purple and blue shot fabric.  I already have some more fabrics that I had bought for shirts, so I suspect that Mike will get more than 10.

Here is the end result:-

I have 9 for lunch today, so I am off to prep lunch so that I can go upstairs and get on with my other projects.

Catch you later.........


  1. Replies
    1. thanks Rachel - I thought so too

  2. Lucky, lucky Mike! He must be the best-dressed man in town...wonderful shirt, the skulls!

  3. Another fabulous shirt for Mike. He must be the best dressed man in town.

  4. These shirts are so cool. Pauline, I can't read your blog when I'm around my hubby for fear he will want me to make him shirts too. LOL. I really love your fabric choices and Mike is a very lucky guy!

  5. Pauline,really a great job Pauline. You are so artistic!

  6. Oh this one is fun and unusual - super cool. Does Mike know how lucky he is to have you? I think you should be going for a 'big' bag! - LOL

  7. Thanks one and all for your lovely comments - these have been great fun to make, but I think after I finish the next 2, I will be fairly "done" with making shirts for a little while.

  8. I just love all your artful details on this shirt, most especially the skull-and-crossbones touch on the hem. What a cool dude he will be! And thanks for your kind comments on my blog. And, wow, TEN shirts! Fantastic.