Thursday, 7 June 2012

consolidation 5/10 shirts.

I thought I would consolidate my shirt making project and post them all together - This is my half way mark - 5/10 and I have actually made 3/4's of shirt No 6.  Sadly I didn't have a flat fell foot in the flat so had to stop after setting in the sleeves, and stupidly forgot to pack the collar stand for No. 6.  I will  take the part-made shirt with me today, to finish at the cottage later tonight.

I am delighted to say Mike has been wearing all the shirts and seems really happy with them.  Phew what a relief.  I told one of my work colleagues about this "shirts for a bag scheme", and she said "oh dear be careful, he may only be wearing them to be kind to you".  I confess this did get me worried and of course I had to ask him if he was truly happy with the shirts, and wanted me to make them for him.  I am pleased to say he was delighted with them.

Shirts 2,3 and 5 all have collar stays in them.   3,4 and 5 have small pleats in the back.  Some have white contrasting collar stand, cuffs and inside yoke. I am trying to do something different for each of the shirts.  I managed to purchase some great fabrics on Saturday and they will sew into some funky shirts so watch this space.

Catch you later..........


  1. Wow..I'm truly impressed with your skills! Love all the shirts!

  2. Mike is very lucky the shirts look great,

  3. I love these shirts! My DH wanted a Nehru collar shirt which I dutifully made but has yet to be worn. there is no better complement than wearing what you make. You are truly lucky with this man.

  4. Great looking shirts Pauline and so professional looking!