Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Adventures in a car park

This evening I had to attend a local meeting of the professional institute that I am a member of.  It was in a town about 30 miles from my home, I wasn't actually sure where the venue was, or where I would park.

I found the building, and then saw a car park and parked the car on the 2nd floor.  The meeting finished just after 9pm and I made my way back to the car park.  The town was empty,  it had just got dark, and I already felt a little nervous walking back to the car park alone.  When I reach the exit /entry point to get back into the car park, the door was locked and a gate had been pulled in front of the door - THE CAR PARK WAS CLOSED!!!!

So my car was locked inside a car park, with my house keys inside, to say a slight feeling of panic crept inside me was an understatement..............  I called the emergency number and was told I could leave the car in the car park until the morning, however that didn't help my key situation, or even getting home.  The 2nd alternative was that they come and unlock the car park and I pay a £50 fee for them to open one gate lol, that has to be the most expensive car park ticket for a 2 hour stay.

Hope your day was better than mine.  Catch you later....................


  1. That was a crappy day, but thankfully you got home safe and sound. Wishing you a better one today.

  2. Good Lord above! Next time just take a cab to and from -- it's sure to cost less than that!

  3. Scary! And expensive. Hope you don't have another day like that - ever.

  4. That sounds like a Job's Worth kinda man. It's awful when things like that happen but good advice - never leave anything personal in your car.

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    1. I am glad you have found the info useful.