Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Progress on 7/10 which is actually the 8th shirt

I am sorry I just can't help myself, I go upstairs with the intention of just cutting out the components for the next shirt and then I think I'll just sew the collar, then the cuffs and I sort of get carried away.

Here is a sneak preview of 7/10 which is actually the 8th shirt because I sewed 8/10 last.  I purchased the black fabric first and then saw the skull and cross bone fabric and thought this fabric would really add a quirky touch to the inside of the shirt.

Once again I used my new found "favourite" collar instructions and it went in really really well.  I would say I am 99% happy with the collar (well nobody is perfect).

I have decided not to embroider this shirt because the fabric already has quite a bit on it, and I am not sure it will show too well, and I don't want to embroider in a contrasting colour, so this one will be left plain (except for the inside).

Excuse the lighting, its late I had powered down all the other lights except for a small light with a yellow tinge.

All being well, this shirt will be finished tomorrow evening leaving me with only 2 to do.

I have lost a little weight since I last made any trousers/pants, so I also spent some time this evening adjusting my TNT trouser/pant pattern and cut myself out a black pair (to check the size and handy for work).  When I am happy with the adjustments, I want to make myself a beige pair to go with my orange, beige and navy colour theme I want to create.

Right time for bed, catch you later.............


  1. Very cool fabric for this shirt.

  2. Your shirts are incredible! Did you say 10????????? Congratulations on your fellowship award - what an honor!

    1. Yes 10 shirts, I have already made 7 of them this is No.8 which should be finished tonight. Once No. 10 is done my lovely other half buys me a Chanel handbag (classic of course).

      Cant wait.

  3. What is your new "favourite" collar instructions? thanks!

  4. Sorry, forgot to log in to post that last comment. I'm curious about your collar instructions. Attaching a man's collar always seems challenging to me.


    1. Hi there, this is the link to the collar method I prefer now.

      To be honest I I think that once you perfect the technique, then you can apply it to all collars.