Saturday, 8 December 2012

Back from Dubai

Hi everyone

I am now back from my business trip to Dubai - flew out Monday morning and arrived home to a rather chilly UK Thursday night.  Temperatures in Dubai averaged 24c and when I was in the car travelling back to my little cottage it was 1c brrrrrrrrrrrr I did feel cold.

Tuesday evening my work colleagues took me to dinner and we were able to sit out in the open to eat our meal - such a treat in December.

Tonight is my office Christmas party and I will get the chance to wear my black and gold dress (as requested I'll see if I can post some party photos tomorrow).   Thanks to all of you who commented on my dress, it is always lovely to get comments from my sewing friends.

I am off to the hairdressers later this morning and then hopefully I'll get a chance to do a little sewing before we head off to the party.

I hope you have all been productive.  I am starting to panic a little as I need to think about a few Christmas gifts that I need to make, a pram set for my DGD's toy pram we bought her, a couple of secret items for my D Mike and I still have to start the quilt for the next addition to our family due in late December,  and am fast running out of time lol.

Catch you later.........


  1. Welcome back! I'm sure the jaws will drop when you walk in the room in that stunning outfit.

  2. What a glamorous life you lead! I love reading all about it! please try to post those pics with your back and gold dress! Don´t worry, plenty of time yet for the Xmas presents!

  3. You will be busy . . . but I do look forward to photos in your new dress. Have a wonderful time!