Sunday, 16 December 2012

Countdown to Christmas

Phew we don't have enough days left before Christmas arrives.  Today I put my head down and managed to get this quilt finished for baby Oscar who is due to arrive around the 27th December grandchild No.3 and the first boy.  I was concerned that if I didn't finish it today, I wouldn't be able to work on it again until Thursday night.

As you can see I have used the fabulous Pooh and Tigger design which is just so pretty and colourful and I just hope little baby Oscar and mum and dad like it too.  I have one more thing to embroider and that is his name, date and time of birth, so needless to say that will be done at the last minute and stitched to the back of the quilt.

Each of the embroidered squares took approximately 1 hour each x 6.  Then I had to sew each of the different coloured strips around each square, 1 row of Tigger theme fabric, 1 row of black, 1 white and one yellow.  The whole quilt was bound with a black satin bias binding.

What else do I need to do?

Well we bought Alana a toy pram, so I want to make a little pram set for that, we have also bought her a toy cot too, but not sure where that is in the UK (floating around lost in the postal system), or what the size is, ideally it would be good if the quilt fitted both.

I have a couple of presents to sew for my D Mike and I probably need a whole day to do at least one of those.

Of course I haven't even considered, Christmas food shopping, stocking filler shopping or even getting the Christmas tree up, which will not happen until the weekend at the earliest (or even Christmas eve), and of course the presents that have been bought need to be wrapped.

This is the last week in the office, and it is always a manic time for my department so will keep us very busy I am sure.

I hope you are all a lot more organised than I am - I told Mike that we need to start in January next year.

Catch you later.................


  1. what a darling quilt! Lucky Oscar!

  2. Such a cute quilt. And so beautifully worked. You are one busy person! I have been working on gifts as well, just finished stuffing the pillows for two kitty beds. My very last gift is lacking only a bit of hand stitching, it's a batman cape for DGS, soooo cute. Isn't this a wonderful time of year. I'm with you. Let's start it in January next year!

  3. It amazes me every time I see a finished quilt, all the hard work and love it needs to be completed. This specially. Baby Oscar is a very lucky baby indeed!

  4. Just beautiful, pauline. Congrats on being finished. This baby quilt is sure to be appreciated and loved.

  5. What a cute quilt for Baby Oscar.
    I hear you on time. I got an order for 5 headbands today. I have to buy yarn for them tomorrow. Also buttons. And food and a few gifts. Such a busy time.

  6. Oooh, so cute! You are a thoughtful grandma. I'm sure he is going to love his cheerful new quilt! :)

  7. Beautiful! Lucky boy and parents.

  8. Lovely quilt. Where does the time go to?