Sunday, 9 December 2012

BurdaStyle 10/2012-122 & embroidery

I still consider myself a BurdaStyle novice, not so much because of my sewing ability, but due to the number of items I have traced off and made.

The first item I made was the the BurdaStyle geometric sheath dress - I made the blue version for my sister's wedding earlier this year in May and last week I made the same dress again, but this time using a black lycra mix fabric together with some black and gold panels from a kaftan bought for me as a gift from Dubai by my friend.

I am pleased to report that I wore the dress last night for my work Christmas party and the photo you see above is me booted and suited (so to speak) just before we left for the party.  The only photo that was taken at the event was one by the "official photographer" and I am not sure when I will see that.

So having made two dresses successfully, that I love, I thought I would get going on another pattern, this time from the October 2012 magazine.  This particular addition had several blouses that I absolutely loved, but to kick things off, I chose 10/2012-122, the folded yoke blouse.

Here are the details:-

Women’s blouse  Available in various sizes: 36,38,40,42,44

This blouse has simple details that give it big impact. Folded yoke pieces are simply caught in the shoulder and sleeve attachment seams. They turn an otherwise simple blouse with V-neckline into a unique garment.

I used a nice soft white 100% cotton that I had in my stash and cut a size 38 and did my normal FBA  and broad/sway back alterations.

The only thing I scratched my head about was the placement of the folded yoke - I don't think I noticed the placement lines for this folded yoke when tracing the pattern, so was stumped when trying to work out how it worked.  Once I did it was easy.  After sewing the darts, the yoke pieces are folded, wrong sides together, placed on the front with the curved part of the yoke following the curve of the armcye and then caught in place..

This was an extremely quick top to sew up.  I love its simplicity, but with that little extra feature of the yoke giving it just a little twist.  This is a top that can be worn with a pair of jeans or equally well for work/formal wear - I love it.

I have some ideas bouncing around in my head that I may put to good use if I make this again.

So having said all of the above, here is the finished article which unfortunately could only be photographed on Edna due to a lack of available photographer lol.  This top may get its first outing to the office tomorrow.

I did do a little multi-tasking while sewing my blouse, I set up my embroidery machine to start making squares ready to be turned into a quilt for the new baby due later this month.  I loved the last quilt I made and am using the same patterns again and here are the first 2 squares I have completed.  The Tigger and pooh one took around 1 hour to stitch out and the Pooh one slightly less.

Last but not least let me share a photo of my DGD helping to make cakes today.

Whatever you were doing this weekend, I hope you had a fab one.  Catch you later...................


  1. I really like your blouse - a small detail can make so much difference. Cute little helper, too!

  2. You are looking good, I love the dress.

  3. Love the dress and the blouse. Glad you and DDG had fun making cake.

  4. Wonderful blouse. Should try that pattern too.
    Alana is a cute helper!

  5. The blouse is beautiful..Love it.. The embroidery work is so cute too.. Congradulations on the new
    upcoming baby...
    And this grandaughter is so pretty .. Looks like she is having fun , helping grandma fix the cake..

  6. I love your version of this blouse, and your little helper is just adorable, standing on her chair.
    I have the pattern for that dress, but I can´t, CAN´T make more dresses.

  7. Your blouse is beautiful.

  8. Your dress#2 is SO beautiful...I hope you had lots of compliments at the party! Love the blouse...very unusual. And DGD is as adorable as ever...

  9. Thank you all for your comments. My delightful little Alana was so funny she whet to where the aprons where hung up and insisted that she put on her one first then further insisted that I put on mine too. She loves helping me in the kitchen.

  10. Tou and that dress get better looking each time....and that new blouse is a simple delight. Holidays are so much fun with a little one around and your grand daughter looks as happy as can be.

  11. Nice blouse choice. It's a lot more interesting than a plain blouse.
    Your GGD is so cute.

  12. Aren't grandchildren just the best? I can see you teaching her to sew in the not too distant future!

    Your blouse is lovely and you looked fabulous for your big "to-do" at work.

  13. You looked smashing for your office party! Also, I love the new Burda blouse. You can't have too many white blouses. This one is definitely an eye-catcher with the interesting yoke.

  14. Great to discover your blog and those sheaths are very, very nice. Heidi Klum wore that dress on Project Runway!

  15. Looking good for the party! And what a beautiful blouse! The yoke/collar treatment is such a statement.

  16. What a pretty little blouse. Your dress is fabulous, also. Burda is so difficult to trace that I just don't do it.

    1. Gwen I confess tracing off the patterns isn't my favorite part, but I do so like the designs they come up with

  17. G R E A T blouse! Do you p r o m i s e it was easy? :)

  18. Sarah I promise it was easy
    not even a collar to worry about.

  19. Alana is adorable and looks like she is a good little helper. The quilt is going to be smashing! I love the dress and so pleased it worked out so well.

  20. The dress looks lovely, and so glad you have found some great patterns in the new edition.
    The grand daughter is very cute :)

  21. Love your version of this Burda dress - the combination of fabrics/colours is great!