Saturday, 15 December 2012

Blogger Award

I was delighted to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger award from my dear friend Dorcas from the fabulous Art Attack Blog.  Thank you that is so sweet of you.

  1. So we have to thank the person who nominated us - so a very big thank you to Dorcas,
  2. Add The One Lovely Blog Aware/The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to my post
  3. Share 7 things about myself
  4. Pass the award on to 10 nominees (or a few less if you are short on time)
  5. Include this set of rules
  6. Inform my nominees by posting a comment on their blog.

So 7 things about me that you would have no way of knowing:-

  1. I have a twin sister and we are nothing alike
  2. I used to compete in working dog trials with my German Shepherd and collie and really miss my dogs
  3. My Great Dane and my German Shepherd were in the film 101 Dalmatians (the one with Glen Close)
  4. I have a fobia of rats
  5. I love lounging around in my PJ's
  6. If I see something, I love to see if I can make it myself, and
  7. Have two left feet when it comes to dancing
And here is the difficult bit passing this on to some fellow bloggers:-

The first has to go to my friend Sigrid who is responsible for me spending lots of money on lace to feed my new bra making habit.

Next up is Carolyn's Hand Made by Carolyn blog.  Her wonderful photographs, amusing writing not to mention she is such talent and an inspiration to all that read her blog.

Shannon's Mushywear is another blog that not only posts wonderful photographs, but produces fantastic garments.

Margy's Fool for Fabric is another inspiring blog.  Margy manages to make everything she makes look wonderful, trendy and elegant, and I just hope that I look as dam good as she does when I retire.

Sew Ruth is another humorous blog that makes you smile every time you read it, but she is also talented too check out some of the tailored things she has made.

There are lots of other wonderful blogs out there, some of which where included in this award so I am keeping mine to just the ones mentioned above.

I have been babysitting again today, so no sewing other than hemming my son's trousers he bought so he can attend a christening tomorrow.

Catch you all later.................


  1. Thanks Pauline, I'm honored. Should I feel bad about you spending money??? ;)

  2. very honored I am that you thought of me...I hope you'll understand my saying "no, thank you"!

  3. Congrats on the award Pauline. Your blog is very inspiring and I love reading it.

  4. Thank you so much for those lovely words Pauline; you are very kind :) and thank you for the award. I will get onto it on my blog soon!

  5. Congrats on receiving this award, and thanks so much for thinking of me by passing it on! I enjoyed reading your 7's list. It's fun to learn new things about you.

  6. Congradulations of getting the award..
    I see, where you said you were a twin.. I have twin grandaughters who are 8 yrs old.
    They are nothing alike either. They don't look alike and their personalities are totally