Saturday, 27 April 2013

3 weeks and counting.

Hi folks just a quick check in with you all to let you know I have not  jumped off the nearest cliff following my recent series of disasters.

As mentioned last weekend I wasn't happy with my original bodice and cut a new one.  Wednesday and Thursday evening I made good progress by finishing the  new bodice, which incidentally finished at the high hip, whereas the other one finished just under the bust as an Empire line.  This gave me several options; do I attach the skirt in the same position as the first example as an Empire line or do I attach at the waist.

In order to help me make my decision, I marked the waist line with large tacking stitches on both the skirt and the bodice and then loosely stitched the two pieces together to see how it looked.  Nope didn't like that.  I then unpicked it and repeated the process at the Empire line.  Yes that was much better.

Today, I managed to fit the zipper, and a hook and eye. I added a few more layers of tulle to the underskirt and marked and stitched the hem. I have a couple more rows of tulle to add, and then I can attach the underskirt and I can give a huge sigh of relief and hopefully tomorrow announce that I have finished my underdress.

Phase two of this process is working with the beautiful, but very expensive lace to make the overdress.  I have made a toile top and just need to extend the skirt and then I'll be ready to lay the toile pattern pieces over my lace, making sure I take extra care the with placement of the motifs on the lace.

I feel in a much happier place now.  If I can get the jobs outstanding on the underdress completed tomorrow, that gives me 2 weeks to finish the lace overdress.

Jobs list:-

  1. Add 3 layers of tulle ruffles to the underskirt
  2. Attach underskirt to bodice lining and finish lower part of zipper (inside)
  3. Attach toile skirt pieces to toile top for lace overdress
  4. Unpick toile and position pattern pieces on lace
  5. Sew lace overdress
  6. Hem big girl bridesmaid dresses x 2
  7. Sew bridesmaid dress for pregnant daughter
  8. Sew little dress for Sofia who will be 1 week short of 3 months old.
If at all possible, I want to finish all of the above by the 10th.  This will leave me the 11th to enjoy a 25th wedding anniversary party for Mike's sister (without thinking I should be at home sewing) and leave me the week before the wedding for pampering, relaxing and chilling out (if that is possible) and the hen night.

I hope you are all having a good week.

Please bear with me, normal blog posts will resume shortly :-)    Happy Sewing one and all catch you later...............


  1. Good luck, good luck, good luck X3! Keeping my fingers crossed for all things to go smoothly and happily.

  2. Wishing you smooth sailing from here on!

  3. Sending prayers that each sewing job goes smoothly and you get it all done and
    enjoy your days before the wedding..
    I must say.... You amaze me at the work [and beautiful work] that you have
    put out the last few weeks.. I can't wait to see the wedding dress ..

  4. I'm excited about every post you write at the moment! With such organisation skills, I think you'll romp it in :-D

    Best of luck, and I can't wait to see your next update.

  5. Oh, my, I am feeling your ticking clock. But I know you will get it done and done beautifully.

  6. I can't wait to see your photos! The peek at the bridesmaide bias cut gown was superb. And, the tiny baby dress! :)

  7. Wishing you all the very best. You've got through most of it, now, big calm deep breaths before starting the lace.


  8. Pauline, I am just amazed at all you are doing for your wedding. I so hope that you do have time to relax ahead of time. All your projects are so lovely that

    This will be the wedding of the decade.
    All the best. Make sure that you have some time for yourself,

  9. WOW and double WOW at all you have gotten done. I know you will have everything completed and time left over to relax before the wedding.

    Can hardly wait to see the wedding pictures. Counting down the days quietly.