Tuesday, 9 April 2013

39 days to the wedding.

Ok things are getting serious now.  39 days to the wedding!!!!!! Yikes.

Saturday was a non-productive sewing day, but very productive in terms of finalising some of the wedding arrangements.

First stop was to pick up my DGD Alana because we needed to buy shoes for the little bridesmaids. Once she was safely strapped into her car seat we headed off to our venue previously blogged about here to select the menu and give them numbers etc.

Next was the cake tasting - let me tell you folks, this exercise was not good for my pre-wedding diet.  Michelle (the cake maker) came out with a tray of samples for us to taste with the following frostings; strawberry and lemon, chocolate fondant and caramel and crunchie (an English chocolate bar made of chocolate covered honeycomb).  I am not a lover of chocolate cakes or toppings so I didn't like that one, but Alana ate the whole cake, so got the seal of approval from her.  I loved the strawberry and lemon one, hmmmmm yummy.  The Caramel and crunchie one was nice but very very sweet, so not to my taste.

We spent a long time talking colour schemes, and what Art Deco features we wanted on our cake.  Michelle was getting very excited, I think this was a first for her.   We settled on a 4 tier cake, with different fillings to accomodate everyone's tastes, of course including the chocolate one which Alana and others will love.

 Michelle called me yesterday and said would I mind if a photographer came and took a photograph of her, Mike and myself with the cake so it can be published in a wedding magazine.  Of course not, only happy if it will give her more business - Move over Cake Boss.

Once we had finished a guided tour of the garden, chickens that provide the eggs for the cakes and the dogs, we headed off to meet with the photographer.

Next stop was getting the boys kitted out.  They are doing the typical dress-hire, and because we are still trying to keep to our vintage theme, they had exactly what we wanted, but not in stock.  The boys all got measured and now its just a case of picking up the suits before the wedding.

Next on the list was shoes for the little ones.  I decided on little leather ballet pumps and both the girls were so cute padding around the floor in their shoes.

I have done quite a bit of work on my dress now, and needless to say because my D Mike reads this blog I can't post anything here, but for those of you who are members of SG you can find a preview post there.

Catch you later......................


  1. Things seem to be coming along nicely and the cakes sound delish! I wish you continued success on your journey hoping all goes smoothly. Now to head on over to SG!

  2. When this is all over you are going to feel as though you have time to burn. You're doing great!

  3. Sounds like a busy day but you can check all those chores off your list.

  4. Oh, my! You are so busy! Although cake tasting look as a highly enjoyable activity to me! ;) You are doing a great job. Everything is going to be just perfect!

  5. woww if you want a break we would love to have you saturday meet up ( april 20)

  6. Cake tasting... yes please! Good luck with all the last minute arrangements, I'm sure it will all be perfect!