Sunday, 28 April 2013

I have finished my underdress.

Hi Guys

I feel quite smug tonight because I have finished my underdress - so if everything else goes pair-shaped, I can at least walk down the aisle in that and not a pair of jeans lol.  Its hemmed and is the perfect length with my shoes (thank goodness) and I am happy with the fit.

So now the DIFFICULT BIT.  I made the toile for the lace overdress - cut an inch off the neckline to make it sit a little lower.  I then pulled out the basting threads holding each of the pieces together, and used my machine and bright coloured thread to mark the seam allowance all around the pattern pieces.  I then cut off these seam allowances.

The next part of the task is to lay the toile pattern pieces on my lace, trying to look at the placement of the motifs and then thread tracing each individual pattern piece on to the lace.

I managed to do a few pieces, 3 in total (the front pieces) and then saw a bit of a problem and I think I may have to remove the thread trading and start again.   Basically I think that I need to find the centre of my fabric and then work from the middle out - i.e the centre panel placed in the middle of the fabric and each piece as they would be sewn together moving away from the centre front.   I left the part finished work on my cutting table and will take a fresh look at it on Wednesday (the next opportunity I'll have to work on it).  But I am edging forward to getting everything finished. Oh by the way did I mention that I have NEVER WORKED WITH LACE LIKE THIS BEFORE other than the lace for my bras which is a lot smaller.

This is a 4 day week for me and then I am off  work until after the wedding, but here is a list of days that are already going to be quite full.

 3rd May -Friday I have to visit the lady who is making our cake and then go to the florist to select my flowers for the wedding party and the table decorations.

7th May - Tuesday -  go to hairdresser for a trial run of the hairstyles

11th May - Saturday - 25th Wedding anniversary party (gosh I have nothing to wear)

13th May - Monday - collect my friend from the airport - she is flying in from Houston and her first visit to the UK.

15th May - Hen night

16th May - Dinner with my friend and daughter

17th May - Nail salon and then drive up to the hotel

18th May - D-Day

Oh in addition to all the above, my darling Son is starting my new decking area so fingers crossed I'll have a nice new area to relax just before/after the wedding.

Catch you all later.................


  1. Congratulations!

    The lace looks exquisite and I am sure your creation will be too.


  2. Keep strong, you'll get there and it will be stunning.

    1. Thanks Sigrid - hopefully I am on the home run now :-)

  3. Wow! Time flies! Almost there and you´ve got everything under control. Keep up the great work. Did you get any new ideas from Pixiewoo? They´ve got some bridal make ups. :)

    1. Thank you - yes I have loads of ideas so now I need to go make-up shopping lol

  4. Whew! Just keep your eye on the dream and you'll get there:)

  5. Your entire wedding will be perfect, amazing, serene, beautiful.

  6. Keep your eye on the prize as we say over here. It looks nothing short of fabulous so far.