Saturday, 17 August 2013

Butterick 5180 and stuff

Hi guys I hope you have had a good week.

Things are still a little hectic to say the least, but here is my weakly round-up.

Butterick 5180 - business dress.

First things first - I have two special appointments this week and I wanted to look smart for them.  Somehow it seems more difficult to dress business smart in the summer than in the spring, autumn or winter,  when it is cool enough to wear a jacket, so this is what I have come up with.

I used Butterick 5180 and chose the sleeveless version you see in yellow on the pattern cover.  I cut a size 14, however I can slip the dress over my head (needn't of bothered with the zip) and I think I could have got away with the size 12 - (oh well - next time).

This is quite an easy dress to make and had mixed reviews on PR - one person loved it another hated it - I like it (which is in between loving it and hating it I guess). There are no darts (which makes it easy) but also makes it pretty shapeless but just think how many goodies I can eat before bursting out of my dress lol.

I wanted to create a different look to the dress, so purchased a necklace discounted by 50% in the sale, and then cut off the chain part and attached it to the dress between the two points.  There were two sort of end cups which tidied up the raw ends of the chain. It's exactly what I wanted, and I still have lots of bits left over from the necklace to make something out of the spare parts.  In case you are wondering, I will deal with the cleaning issue later - not sure if the chain will rust or not, but it is only sewn in using invisible nylon thread, so easy to snip off, and re-sew back on.

The dress is fully lined.  I didn't add the interfacing as instructed, but cut out the lining in full, and then attached the self fabric interfacing to the top of the dress, essentially using the lining as an interlining.  It worked fine.

This is a nice wool crepe and I finished the raw edges with my serger (and boy did it shred), and then stitched the hem using my hemming foot/stitch.  It worked brilliantly and I even used a white thread that doesn't show through at all because there is a white thread running through the weave of the fabric - quickest hem I have done in a long time.

I found a nice black, oatmeal and cream cardigan to wear with the dress and teamed it with black shoes and handbag.

I am debating whether or not to reduce the fullness in the dress.  I achieved this in part by adding a belt, and I think it makes me look slimmer (what do you think, belt or no belt?).

Still, changes or not - I think it looks respectable enough.

Meeting up with blogging friends

Last week I got an email from Merche who writes the fabulous blog Aventuras de costuras, who informed me that she was in London this week and asked if I had time to meet up.  Of course I had time.

We only had a couple of hours together but Merche together with her mother and daughter and I all enjoyed a traditional pub lunch of fish and chips - yummy.  

We had a lovely time, albeit short, and Merche kindly bought me some pretty fabric to make my D Alana a little outfit, and two of the Spanish Patrones magazine, which have some fabulous patterns in.

Thanks Merche for meeting up and I love my presents - it was a pleasure to meet you all.

House Sale

Well folks, a couple came back to view my house today and have given me an offer, which I have accepted.  We shook hands and I confess to having a large lump in my throat because I have lots of memories here, but it feels good to know I have a buyer. 

They have two houses to sell, like Mike and I, and its also a 2nd marriage for them.  One of the houses has sold and should complete next week, and the lady has put her house up for a very cheap price so that she can sell quickly, so fingers crossed.   Watch this space because things should be moving in the next 3-4 weeks on the house front, even if its just moving into the new house.

Last but not least, I had enough fabric to make a 2nd striped top and even managed to find some cute navy and white canvas shoes to complete the nautical look.

If I get time, I plan on doing some more sewing tomorrow before heading up to London.

Have a wonderful weekend, and as usual I'll catch you all later..............


  1. Congratulations first of all to selling the house. That was quick. And do I know about difficulties dressing smart in summer! Have spent a few times in front of my closet with the feeling 'I have nothing to wear' in the past very hot weeks. Your outfit looks wonderful. i vote for the belt. The neckline of the dress is super.

  2. Ps. Nice to have met Merch. Meetings with fellow sewists are the nicest, even if you have not met before. I went fabric shopping with Hilde today. Such fun.

  3. Beautiful outfits.. We gotta meet up to catch up soon.. Ps totally jealous you met Merche...

  4. cute dress and sounds like you have your hands full these days with selling the house, how do you find time to sew. How fun to meet Merche. I hope to get to London one of these days and meet you all.

  5. In the first picture you look lovely and the last, just drop dead cute:)

  6. I really like the dress! I have that dress and occasionally pull it out to use and then it never gets made. I need to pull it out again!!! Congrats on getting the house sold!

  7. I like your dress and great idea of using a necklace to bridge the front pieces. I like your stripe top with jeans. Glad you found a buyer for your house.

  8. I'm always on the look out for business wear - great style and beautifully made.

  9. I love the neckline detail, something different! Congrats on the sale of your house too.

  10. Smart dressing - I'd give you the job on just walking through the door! You've been busy with lots of sewing and looking great too.

  11. You've been busy to say the least! Congratulations on the offer and.... On making such pretty clothes through it all. Love the dress.

  12. Very posh looking dress and I absolutely love stripes too! Cute outfit with the shoes. Congrats on the sale of your house. This sends me back 19 years when my husband and I were just embarking on our life together ( second marriage for both of us ) and all depended on the sale of my house.How time has flown! And how happy we have been together all these years!

  13. I love your dress! I just completed this dress last night, but with sleeves. I am going to take mine in a bit. And I'm loving the necklace piece you added to the neckline because I had the same thought to do the same. Seeing yours helped me decide. Thanks

  14. Congrats on selling your home so quickly. Lots to do up the road, I'm sure! Good luck with your interviews as well. You are one talented woman so I am not surprised you have dual prospects for a new job! Best of luck!

  15. Your dress looks so smart! I vote for no belt, it just looks more professional to my eye :)
    What fun to meet up with Merche, it always brilliant to meet other sewing ladies :)

  16. Great news on the house offer. With the roll you're on at the moment, you may well find yourself with a choice of jobs, too! Keeping it all crossed for you.

  17. I have that dress pattern and have made the neckline you chose twice. I merged it with another pattern for a slimmer fit the girls wanted. Yours looks fabulous on you and I do like how you used part of a necklace on it.
    Your stripe top and shoes are perfect with the jeans. And how wonderful to meet up with blogging friend, Merche.
    Congrats on the offer on your place. Let's hope all goes well and you will be moving soon.

  18. Love the dress (I think it looks better without the belt if you are wearing the cardi) and wish you the best for your upcoming week!

  19. Hello! Thank you so much for making time for us! We really enjoyed you company. My mother is still talking about how pretty you are and the fabulousness of your wedding, your sewing and your new home! You really made an impact on us...I even started embroidering little things and having a closer look at craftsy courses. We send you lots of love!