Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Essential sewing - PJ's & twinset

Ok, this is nothing new - I have used my Kwik Sew 2948 pattern before to make up PJ sets and I love them and needed some more.

I purchased this rather bright soft cotton knit jersey from Walthamstow market for £1 a metre, and £5's worth was enough to make two 3 piece PJ sets, and I might even have enough left over to make a little camisole.  If you are thinking why on earth would she buy something that could potentially illuminate the whole room, it was because it was light and soft to the touch, and for bed I can live with this.

The pair on the left has been trimmed with white bows and using my cover-stitch machine I turned it up the other way so the zig-zag part created a decorative trim to the outside seams.

For the pair on the right, I used some black narrow ribbon, and then trimmed them with black bows.

I think they look quite cute and I am sure they will be really comfy to wear, and if we have a black-out in London I'll be able to lead the way ha ha.

While I had the pattern out I used the mint green heavier weight jersey to make another twinset.  Originally I was going to use this for PJ's again, but it was slightly heavier than the yellow, and lent itself perfectly to day wear and I do love my twinsets.

This is my last day of an extra long weekend for me, so after I make myself something for supper I'll think about what I can start tonight  - I am thinking something new I haven't made before.

Catch you later..................


  1. Very nice pj's and twin set. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  2. Your PJ sets are really cute. I picked up this pattern after seeing one of your reviews, now I just have to get it made up ;-) Have a good week!

  3. Sounds like you had one wonderful sewing weekend!

  4. Fun pj's! and the cardi is great, I've been looking for a cardi pattern and will take a look at this pj pattern. Had not thought of that! Very clever.

  5. Cute PJ's. I need to make some for myself. Thanks for nudging me in that direction!

  6. Very pretty, Pauline. You surely are productive!!

  7. I really like the twinset. The colour is just beautiful!

  8. You've been busy, I'm catching up. I know who's first to finish with 4 garments in the mini-wardrobe contest.
    The pj's are fun, can't play hide and seek in them with your grandchildren. The twinset is lovely.

  9. Great practical sewing items.