Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pattern Review Competition - Mini-Wardrobe contest - 1st September

My dear friend Ashford is running the Mini-Wardrobe contest over on Pattern Review and I am thinking seriously about entering.

Start date: 1st September 2013
Duration : 4 weeks
Goal: create a 4-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks.  The 4 garments must combine (without adding additional garments) to create at least 4 looks.

You are probably thinking this woman is really showing signs of madness, and trying to be an over-achiever, and in some ways you are right, however 4 garments in 4 weeks is doable if I put my mind to it, and I am in need of a few mix and match items that will extend my wardrobe, because you know readers, I really have nothing to wear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll have some strong competition, I think my sewing pals Sigrid, Viv and Clare are all entering so we will be competing against each other, however I am sure it will be a clean fair fight ha ha.

Now off to think about what combination of outfits I am going to make ....... got to beat those girls (only joking).

Catch you later.


  1. Sounds great, good luck, even tempted myself. Did I really just say that.

  2. Good luck! Like you, I have absolutely nothing to wear :-) but just can't organize my thoughts enough to plan a mini-wardrobe! I can only do big....

  3. Ah, I need this contest for a trip I'm going on soon...but I don't think my ponte knit outfits would make the cut.

  4. Have I just been volunteered for something???? No way am I going to compete with the Production Queen! Away on hols for a week, so time would be a little short for me - cheering you all the way, though!

  5. Fighting each other? Heavily ;)
    I'm still debating what to sew. It's been one of those weeks that I haven't been in my sewing room at all and I have to get it sorted. What are your plans? (so that I know how to do better!)

  6. Good luck! I really need to co-ordinate my makes better, put in some planning like you are doing. It sounds like a very sensible approach, I think :)

  7. A great diversion from real life! I'm stuck tailoring a jacket for DH otherwise I'd join you as I too have 'nothing to wear'! Good luck