Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sewing friends, sausages and hippo's for Alana

Tuesday I had a business trip to Southampton and because I had to stop over, I arranged to meet up with my sewing friend Viv who I met on my Birmingham sewing weekend in October 2010.  We managed to chat for over 2 hours non-stop about our sewing projects, and Viv showed me her finished fitted jacket which looked lovely.

Wednesday night was sausage and mash night – I cooked the turkey, pork, leek and sage sausages I made at the weekend and to compliment them I made a red onion and red wine gravy.  I am pleased to report, along with the home-made bread, I will now have to continue making my own sausages – they were great if I say so myself (Marisa if you are reading this, get your mincing machine out and give it a try).

So last weekend I spent about 7 hours finishing the cot bumper set for Alana’s cot and following her visit today, I decided to make Alana’s early birthday present from a pattern that I have had since my children were small.  It's Simplicity 8951 and the price was 5/- (five shillings) and I am sure it must be around 28 years old (give or take) - there is a selection of several stuffed animals in the pattern; an alligator, a dog, a male hippo and a lady hippo.

I opted for the lady hippo (hereinafter called Helen), and selected some lovely pink velveteen to make her up.

The stuffing came from two Ikea cushions and I found some left-over black fleece to cut out the eyelashes and some red for the heart shaped lips.

I have just played with the eyes, mouth, bow and tutu, but think I need to add some more stuffing to the legs as they could be a little stiffer – and complete the tutu (will post the finished article tomorrow).

 Here is Alana with Auntie Lauren having lots of fun – but its time for a snuggle on the sofa and watch a good film with my lovely Mike.

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