Saturday, 13 August 2011

Birthday cake finished and one for David too.

Here is the construction of my Hippy Flashers cake.

1. the shape of the VW car

2. Cover in butter cream

3. cover in fondant icing - colour of your choice.

4. Then decorate

Off to the Chinese restaurant now for a slap-up meal................  I thought I would have loads of time to spare but it took all day to finish this - lets hope Harry likes it.

It's my D Mike's Dad's birthday on Monday too - so I used up some of the left over cake to make a mini cake for David

More later..............................


  1. Very cute VW. David's cake came out good also. Hope everyone enjoyed.

  2. Jane yes actually the cake was really nice to eat - I don't like fondant icing so I only ate the cake part. Harry loved the cake and the fondant icing and took it home to finish off.