Friday, 19 August 2011

Clear-up in my sewing room.

My vacation is fast coming to an end and I haven't done half of what I would have liked.

I am off to Houston early Monday morning so will be staying at the hotel close to LHR airport Sunday evening so I need to make the most of the next 3 days. 

Yesterday my D Mike and I took several TV's down to the local waste disposal site, clearing a very large space in my sewing room (no they were not all residing in my sewing room, but one of the largest was upstairs).  Unfortunately when my middle son was using this as his bedroom, he decided one day to paint all the walls dark blue (some of you may have seen this horrible dark blue background lurking behind Edna when I photograph my outfits).  Sadly it was all too late to do anything about this after the event, so while he was up there, I more or less lived with it---- well he did but I cant.

The TV was to say the least enormous and left a sizeable gap in the alcove area.  Rather than fill the gap I located some left-over white paint from when I painted the lounge and have started to paint that area, ready for a complete overhaul of the room.

I really want to get on with more sewing, but until I try to organize this room better, I will always be struggling to find things which annoys me if it slows up my sewing................ well best get on with it - tea break over now..............................

Wish me luck.

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