Sunday, 7 August 2011

More Simplicity 4190

The  Simplicity 4190 pattern is shown with a pair of of cropped trousers and I really needed a pair of these.

I decided not to use the pattern pieces in the envelope, but to use my own modified trouser pattern and adapt it.  This is a pattern that I measured, adjusted for my sway back, larger tummy, longer leg etc et.  I have found this to be the best way to make any trousers that I need because I have the basic shape that fits my body type and then all I need to do is add pockets, belt tabs and other design features at leisure.

For this pair, I chose to add side pockets rather than adding a back pocket.  I simply found another side pocket pattern piece, measured the approximate place where I could slip my hand in easily and attached the pockets to the back and front pieces, both sides, before sewing back to front together.

Despite the fact that I did a little top-stitching on the tunic top, I decided not to top-stitch in colour on the pants so that I could wear them easily with other pieces.

Excuse the rough look - glasses being used as a headband no make-up :-(

One additional item in this pattern pack was a little bag and I thought I would use this as an excuse to do some more embroidery.

I embroidered two pieces one much smaller than the other to take my iphone ( the smaller one was actually my test embroidery piece and once I hemmed it I realised it fitted my phone perfectly).

This is a really easy bag to make, provided you follow all the instructions!!!!!!!!!  I clearly wasn't paying attention when I attached the bias binding to the bottom of the bag  - while thinking this is strange and then realised that I was meant to insert the bag bottom first-------------grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  So I made myself a cup of tea and sat in the lounge and unpicked the bias binding (don't you just hate unpicking), inserted the bag base and then tacked the bias binding back in place.

So of course with any outfit you have to have the right shoes and these lovely tan and coral sandals from Hobbs fitted the bill just nicely.

I have approximately 1 yard of fabric left plus some  spare bits and bobs so perhaps enough to make another simple top.


  1. Cute outfit! I have very short hair and have often wondered why headband makers haven't knocked off some version of sunglasses as headbands... so comfortable! :)

  2. Very stylish! I love the idea of neutrals in hot weather. You'll get a lot of wear from that outfit.

  3. Ginger - I am terrible for using my glasses as a headband - sadly it stretches the width of the glasses which then fall off my face :-(

    Carole - I have already worn the top this week and has been great in the few sunny days we had - once i wax my legs I will take the pants for an outing ha ha.