Friday, 12 August 2011

Birthday cakes to make for Harry's 18th birthday.

Yesterday was my D Mike's youngest son's 18th Birthday - when his eldest son was 18 I made a great cake based on pole dancers - Mike's father nearly choked on his drink when we brought it to the table in the Chinese restaurant.

We are doing the same for Harry, but a different theme - we have decided that a cake called Hippy flashers will be ideal for Harry.

I have made a 9" maderia cake which is currently sitting on the cooling rack - once it has completely cooled, I need to wrap it in clingfilm and leave it for approximately 8 hours = overnight now before I start cutting into the cake to create the shape of a VW car.

The colour of the car will be purple (Harry's favourite colour) so we had to change the colour we will use for the flowers etc.

This is work in progress, but has to be completed for tomorrow's dinner party (no pressure) and we are having my beautiful little Alana for the day tomorrow too..............  will be interesting to say the least.  Wonder if I will get any sewing time?????????

More, as usual, later........................

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  1. You are the talented one. What great ideas. Have a lot of fun.