Saturday, 20 August 2011

What a busy day.

Today was an extremely busy day.  My D Mike and I were both up around 7am and after a nice cup of tea and toast and marmite (yes we love it), we got on with all the chores lined up for us today.

As mentioned earlier I started to clear up my sewing room - burned lots of rubbish, washed a whole load of clothes that my son had left in his wash basket and generally clearing space.  I even managed to get half of one of the alcoves painted white which has made a great deal of difference.

This afternoon we picked up some bits and pieces for the flat we are doing up before heading off to spend some time on the beach with our beautiful little granddaughter Alana

At this point we didn't have any shoes for her and of course she didn't like the stones too much, but here you can see her sitting next to me wearing some wet suit shoes which we bought in one of those little seaside kiosk shops, which had her walking everywhere -  She is now miss independent.

Here is Alana with GUMY (Great Uncle Mike)  having lots of fun watching the boats and the water.

Its late, need to go to bed - only 2 days before I head off on my work trip and still LOADS TO DO.

More later............................

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  1. Cute, cute. When my DGD was little we bought her wet suit shoes every year so she could get in and out of her wading pool and not slip or step on things. They were also great for running in the sprinkler and not getting stickers in feet. Now she's 9 and I don't know where the time went.

    By the way, I am loving your 6PAC you are working on.