Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bumpy ride back from Houston with new ducks

Well I boarded my flight back to the UK from Houston and experienced quite a bumpy ride back home. 

Hurricane Irene is causing havoc on the east coast and my heart goes out to our friends in the USA that are in the middle of all this havoc and hope that they all stay safe.  Sadly it was impossible to miss any of the bad weather and as such we had quite a bumpy ride back to the UK.

As always when I return from a trip abroad, the one thing I really fancy is a good cup of tea and a slice of toast and marmite and that was the first thing that I made when I walked through my front door, hmmmmmm delicious.

It feels quite cold back in the UK, Houston was experiencing temperatures of 100f and I actually had to put the heater on in my lounge to warm myself up brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

When I went on a business trip last year, one of the gifts we were given was a little duck.

My beautiful little granddaughter Alana was the lucky recipient of this duck, and has treasured this little toy since October last year seeking it out as soon as she comes to the house.  For a while now I have been concerned about how upset she would be if this little duck was to go missing so I set myself the task of finding another duck to have spare.

I wrote to a couple of lawyers who were at the meeting and they all said they would look for me and when I got to the office I asked some people there too.  

Just before I was about to leave the office for the airport one of the girls came to find me and she had two of the ducks.  I am delighted, and so will Alana be.

Just in case she fails to love her little duck I was given a Christmas selection too. 

I have all my normal jobs to do following a trip - washing, emptying the dishwasher, tidying up with house etc.  I have a new TEMPUR mattress arriving today so need to clear my bedroom to get it on the bed.  I have heard lots of good things about these memory foam mattresses, and I hope they live up to their reputation.

My sewing room is still in "mid-decorating" stage - we have several roller blinds to be installed, walls and ceilings to be painted, but I am making progress and will try and do some more over this weekend because I want to get on and do some sewing soon.

More later

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