Saturday, 30 July 2011

I am officially on holiday and time to put some sewing plans together

I officially start my two week vacation this week and boy do I have plans.

First and foremost I have wasps in my sewing room and the pest control guy is turning up at 11am today.  Now I have been contemplating moving my sewing room around and this is the perfect excuse to tidy up and move some furniture.  The room used to be my son's bedroom and despite the fact he is studying away from home, he still expects to use the room when he comes home.  Currently his bed is at one end and my sewing machine etc at the other end so I want to swap things around.  If I can get cleared up enough I may even repaint the wardrobe doors which he decided to paint dark blue yuck.......................................

Our flat project is coming along great, and it will only be a matter of a few weeks before we will be ready to move in.  I have said I will participate in the Stitcher's Guild 2011 6-Piece Autumn Collection (6PAC) sew-along (August - October) and I think this is the perfect time to put a capsule wardrobe together.  These are my thoughts however colours may change once I put my swatches together:

  1. basic black pants - suitable for work or casual
  2. basic black skirt - suitable for work or casual
  3. basic black jacket - suitable for work or casual (the first three items could form part of a mix and match wardrobe pattern)
  4. Pair of jeans
  5. white blouse
  6. black and white blouse/top
  7. grey cardigan
  8. one each of grey,black and cream polo-neck /turtle neck sweater
  9. coloured blouse/top
I need to get all my fabric swatches together and dig out my patterns to see what I will do, but I was looking for some inspiration and saw the following which I love:

Need to get ready for the wasp man.  More later.....................

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  1. First of all, I hope you enjoy your holiday and that it does not go by too fast. I like what you have put together for the 6-Piece Autumn Collection. Love you inspiration pieces.

    Glad that your flat is almost done.