Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My ebay adventure

I have been looking at the Horn sewing cabinets, and once I pull myself up from the floor because the one I like is over £1000 I thought I would see if any came up on ebay.

I actually want two - one for my home and one to have at my partner's flat so it makes sense if I can buy nearly new at a fraction of the price.

Now every time I want to purchase something on e.bay I seem to be travelling for work and the auction always seems to finish when I am mid flight or can't get access to the Internet which is very frustrating.

So I found a beautiful cabinet that I wanted, waited for a while to see how the bidding was going so I didn't go in too cheap nor too high - and it got up to over £300 and it was at this point when I started to think what is my walk-away price.  I decided that price was £350, and can you believe it someone topped me and got this cabinet for £360 ..................................  I felt gutted - I would have paid that, but I guess I got cold feet.  Perhaps you have to have a real gambling mentality for ebay.

I am looking at another one - have put in a small bid which has already been topped, but it is 2nd best because it is not really the colour I want. so I may let it pass until one in the pale colour come up again.

hey ho I guess that is how it goes.

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