Saturday, 2 July 2011

Vogue 8670

I have had a really productive couple of days sewing, first Temi's blouse yesterday and then today I made 2 tops using the Vogue 8670 pattern.

The first top I made was with the white jersey I bought when I was with Elizabeth yesterday together with some stretch lace I had in my stash.  It sewed up beautifully and I will definitely buy some more.

This is has got to be one of the quickest tops I have made.  I was made almost entirely on the serger, only the bust darts were made using the Bernina sewing machine using a stretch stitch. The only thing that held me up was changing my serger from overlock to cover stitch for the hems when I couldn't get the stitch right so took a couple of re-threads to get it right..

So here is the finished top, please excuse Edna's bra not sitting correctly, but I love it and may wear it tonight when my darling Mike and I go out to dinner with some friends. 

A close up of the lace detail in the sleeve.  I guess I will have to wear a strapless bra.

I decide to use the same pattern to make a PJ top too - I had already made the PJ bottoms in lilac about a week ago, and I had bought some nice paisley print to match and here are my new PJ's

The bottom of the PJs were finished using the wave function on the Babylock evolution machine using conventional white serger thread together with some lilac wooly thread.

More later......................


  1. You've been busy. I love that white top. What a great idea in making the sleeves in lace.

  2. That is really interesting lace fabric that you used for the sleeves on your top. It reallly gives the simple top a unique and dressy look.

  3. This is so prettyI I love the lace sleeves and the stitching on the PJ's