Thursday, 7 July 2011

Running and fabric purchases

I have put on weight in the last year - there is no excuse other than I am clearly eating more than I am exercising, so I have decided to get back into my routine.

All the experts say that we should be doing at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day.  Now on the surface that sounds really quite easy, but at the moment, work has been rather overwhelming and my typical working days are starting at 7am and sometimes not finishing until 9pm or later if North America come on line and need any help.

In the past and at my best weight I was running 3 times a week, doing bodypump 2 times a week and riding my bike to the railway station.  My relocation to an office near Gatwick Airport means that I drive to work now (120 mile round trip) sit at a desk all day, drive home and then pick up my laptop again and sit working.  My leisure time also require much sitting (sewing, knitting etc) so I REALLY NEED TO GET UP AND MOVE MORE.

Last week I was in The Hague for 3 days so other than walking to and from the office I only managed to 2 runs but this week I have been very good.  Monday 1.2 miles, Tuesday 1.5 miles and Wednesday 3 miles.  In addition to the running I am trying to do 50 sit-ups a day and some weights.

I weighed myself this morning and can see a weight loss of a couple of pound - doesn't seem a lot for the amount of effort I have put in but it is a loss and I am delighted - small steps and all that. 

I do always feel better after working out - just hate the thought of it beforehand.

Yesterday I had to drive to Cambridge and the M11 once it reaches the M25 on my way home, is only 7-8 miles from my favorite fabric shop so I decided to take a quick detour on route home.

I spent £30 and managed to get some great fabric, including some light-weight stretch which I can use as a lining for those lighter stretch fabrics that need more substance.

Well best put on my running shoes

more later............

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