Saturday, 2 July 2011

Vogue 1127 Blouse

Here is how it all started - I had previously made up V1127 blouse above - in fact I made the whole suit and was wearing the blouse for work one day.  My colleague and I went for a couple of drinks after work because she was leaving the company and commented how much she liked my blouse, and before I could stop myself, I said "oh I will make you one for your leaving present".

Now that was 2 weeks ago, and you would think - yep can run that up in two weeks but I had to go and find some fabric, as close to or similar to the one I had on, and squeeze the sewing project into no free weekend between me promising to make the blouse and a trip to The Hague.

So Thursday night I dashed up to my sewing room - rooted through all my patterns to dig out the pattern and cut out some nice silk fabric that I purchased from my local market.

I had worked the whole of the previous weekend prepping for a meeting with my boss so I told her I was taking Friday off to compensate.  I started the blouse at 7:30am and by 12:20 I had finished the blouse, done a little bit of work, had a shower, dressed and was in a taxi to the railway station to head up to London.

Here is the end result:

I am really pleased with the blouse.  To save time I used little pearl buttons rather than self-covered ones that I used for my blouse.

This is a really simple pattern, however Vogue do not really help much in the instructions for the neck collar - but once I walked away and had a cup of tea I manage to work it out.

I didn't cut the bias strips to bind the armcye edges but just used some bias ribbon.
The Hem was rolled using my Babylock serger.

My friend is delighted with blouse and I am delighted that I managed to finish it in time.  She is starting a new job in two weeks and said that she intends to wear the blouse so that it will appear on her photo ID for ever more.

Enjoy wearing it Temi.


  1. Beautiful blouse, lucky friend! I think she gave you the ultimate compliment by wearing it the day she gets her photo ID picture taken.

  2. What a pretty blouse and what a good friend you are!