Monday, 3 October 2011

Chicago this week

You know people say to me, "aren't you lucky to be travelling to so many different places", however the truth is somewhat different.

Yes it is always exciting to go somewhere that I haven't travelled to before, however since August I have flown to Houston (GMT-6hours) for a week, then The Hague (GMT+1hour) for a week, Malaysia (GMT+7hours) for a week and now here I am, jet-lagged typing this from Chicago (GMT -6hours).  It took me the best part of last week to stay asleep when my body said you're on Malaysian time get up. Right now, typing this, I am desperate to go to sleep and its only 5:30pm (11:30pm UK time).  I have arranged to meet one of the guys from the software company for dinner - I had to suggest 6:00pm for fear that my head would fall in the soup if I stay up too late.  Sometime when I get that tired all I can think about is sleeping, plus my head feels like its in a vice. 

I have been to Chicago once before a few years back, and I know they often hold the PR conference here - of course my timing didn't work out for that.  I haven't really seen too much of the city, however what I have seen seems nice.

On the positive side, I will be meeting up with some people I met via this very same conference a few years ago, and am pleased to now call them my friends.  I know the organiser of this conference must hate it when the three of us get together because we are like naughty school children sitting in the back row - but we are repaying their tolerance by forming a Q&A panel for the conference organisers who are software providers, explaining how we use this corporate software.

I wasn't sure what to bring clothing wise as its been so hot in the UK we have all been getting our summer clothes back out.  I looked up the weather here and it said around 20c but when I went for a little walk this afternoon, there was a really cold chill to the air brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr glad I brought my coat with me. Many of the items I have packed have been made by yours truly, so I am getting to the point where most of my travel garments have been made by me.

Well no sewing for me until next weekend (what will be left of it) as another downside of travel is often my work trips eat into my personal time at the weekend - I will not get home until lunchtime Saturday and depending on how well I slept on the flight home I shouldn't think I will be fit for doing much sewing on Saturday unless US time kicks in and I can't sleep.  After I finished my trousers, I cut out a lovely print to make another Palmer Pletsch blouse which will be great if I can finish it on Sunday.  But that will have to wait. 

more later....................................


  1. Oh, I wish we could have met when you were in Houston. Did you have a minute to go by High Fashion Fabric? It's pretty awesome...You mentioned a friend wanting to go to the Palmer/Pletsch friend and I wanted to go to the fitting workshop and the first opening is next summer! Maybe we will put it on our wishlist. Hope you have time to get some sewing done upon your return home!

  2. Yes I think she said next summer, perhaps we could all go together.