Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cycling marathon

Yesterday was definitely a cycling day.

I started my marathon by leaving the cottage to cycle to my local train station (2.9 miles) to catch the train up to London.  On arrival I then cycled to Clerkenwell (2 miles), then my D Mike and I cycled from Clerkenwell to Chelsea and back (11 miles) totalling just under 16 miles in one day.

Its amazing how your energy levels increase the more you do.  When I first started riding my little bike I did most of it in 2nd gear (there are only 3 gears), however I now find myself darting all around London using mainly the 3rd gear.  

You still take your life in your hands getting around some of the bigger roundabouts in London because the buses and taxi drivers don't really like the bikes I am sure, but from our previous journey to Chelsea by taxi, it was just as quick, and considerably cheaper than the £20 taxi fair, on our bikes.  There is one slightly uncomfortable disadvantage of doing a lot of miles in one day and that is "cyclist bottom" boy even when I went to bed I am sure I still had my bike attached :-) but I just keep thinking of all the calories I am burning off.

Today my cycling will be to Oxford Circus which is approximately 3 miles, however on the cycle route there are many traffic lights for the bikes, so you can't really get up much speed.

Right best be off - 3 days of pension meetings this week ------- deep joy

More later.........................................

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