Monday, 3 October 2011

More self-drafted pants/trousers using McCalls 5239

I had a really good sewing weekend, despite the weather calling me to be outside as the UK experienced a wonderful exotic Indian summer last week.  As per my previous post I managed to finish my blouse off and I was quick to cut out a pair of trousers while I was on a roll so to speak, and Mike preoccupied enjoying a bit of sailing in the beautiful sunshine.

It is a sad fact that despite owning many pairs of beautiful high heeled shoes, that I tend to wear trousers more than dresses or skirts (probably because of all the travelling I do).

I have been successfully using my Palmer Pletsch McCalls 5239 pattern which I adjusted to fit me for several pairs of trousers and decided to make another pair to add to the blue, black and beige pairs.

This pair was made using a predominately grey weave which is light enough to take me from summer to autumn (the photo seems show the colour darker than it is).

I wanted to add a few more expensive RTW touches to these trousers so decided to add some lilac lining to the waistband and top-stitching in a silk lilac thread along the leg side seam, pocket detail and waistband.

I have found several different fabrics in my stash that will work really well for coordinating pieces to go with these trousers, plus I have a pretty lilac cardigan and a couple of grey ones that I can wear with them too.  While the lilac thread adds a subtle touch to these, it doesn't stand out so much that I couldn't wear other colours with the trousers.

When I first discussed my 6PAC I wanted grey and melon - I haven't forgotten about that - indeed I purchased some lovely melon coloured silk in Malaysia which will go well with these and give me my original colour pallet.

more later............................

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