Monday, 24 October 2011

Weight loss Mondays --- I have lost 2lbs this week.

Well as much as I feel so embarrassed to have piled on the pounds over the last two years, I think there is something about publicly posting your weight loss each week as I think it sort of motivates you to stick to the plan.

Well I am delighted to report my weight loss for this week is 2lbs leaving only xxxxxx to go ha ha.  Still I am delighted as I don't think that I have really felt like I have been on a diet - but more like making sensible choices and recording what I have been eating - and of course my bike riding last week certainly helped I am sure.

I know its early days and I shouldn't be too excited but its a good positive start.

I was chatting to a friend in Dubai, who I will be visiting during the 1st week in December as she is leaving the Company we both work for.  I was going through some photographs of the two of us taken on a sand safari in Dubai and boy we both looked so slim.  I told her on a chat board today that I was looking at these photos, that I had joined WW on line and that I had lost 2lbs this week and she said she hopes to see a little less of me in December (she is so cheeky), and that she too needs to get into a regime.

This gives me 6 weeks before I leave for Dubai, which if I can stick to the plan could see me one stone lighter by the time I visit. 

I found this photograph of me at my best weight taken only 4 years ago.  I was obviously going through a dark stage with my hair during this period.  This, I think, is my best weight and I am using this as a reminder of my goal.

I apologise to any of my regular readers who only look at this blog for my sewing posts, and I hope I don't bore some of you, but I have decided to introduce Weight loss Monday's, to share my progress (good or bad) to help me stick to the plan.

I have loads of wonderful patterns that I have not cut out because I am saving them for when I have lost the weight.  I have my beautiful Linton Tweed fabric that I want to make into a Channel type suit, again saving it for when I feel I don't look so tubby.

wish me luck.

Last but not least, it is always a joy to receive comments on my posts here and I would like to say how much I appreciate you stopping by to have a look at my blog, and for all the comments that have been left.

More later............................


  1. Pauline, I cross my fingers for you. Something tells me, you will achieve your you always do! Marisa

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