Friday, 21 October 2011

getting into my cycling

I am really pleased how much cycling I am now doing.  Since my D Mike and I moved into our flat in London we always cycle from my cottage to the train station to get into London and use the bikes to get around London as we don't have a car in London.  My main office is near Gatwick, so twice a week I get a train from London to Gatwick and then cycle the 3+ miles to the office, once a week I work out of our central London office close to Oxford St and that takes me 30 minutes each way.

This week I have cycled Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - totalling  around 3.5 hours and approximately 20 miles . I love the way I feel when I exercise in the morning, however my helmet hair and beetroot face does nothing for my image, especially when I am wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket and a flashing light on my helmet too.

I have a wonderful folding Brompton bike and a very roomy bag that sits in front of the handlebars, however when it is folded up and I have a bike in one hand and my bag, loaded with laptop, papers, clothes to change into and make-up bag and my ipad in the other hand, that all weighs quite a lot.  I have quite a few stairs to walk up and down at the London train stations and I am amazed at how people turn into a stampede of cattle when they disembark the train to head off to the office - they will not step aside to let you pass, preferring instead to knock into you. I now have a collection of lovely bruises on my legs where my bike has been knocked into me.

Despite the downside of my new cycle regime, I know that this will all assist me in getting rid of 2 years worth blubber that has accumulated on my lower region.  My previous journey to work involved a 120 mile round trip in my car, taking on average 2 hours each way.  That journey coupled with a desk job for 8+ hours a day is the reason I look the way I do now.  I have signed up for WW online, so with a double attack of exercise and better carefully planned diet, I am looking forward to being able to reduce some of the clothes I have made.

If I can squeeze in 1 run a week and some weights too I think I will have a good all-round routine going.

More later...............................................

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