Monday, 19 December 2011

2nd rag doll finished too.

Phew, I have just finished the 2nd rag doll, and the pj bottoms for Alana.

For this doll I halved the length of the hair strands and as you can see, the hair is still long enough to tie up into two bunches.

I used some old fleece for the tunic top and the legs for this doll which also feels really cuddly.

I hope Ella likes it.

Here are my gifts made so far - now need to find a pattern to make Alana's pj top and then she has a complete set..............should I make her little black bootie slippers to make the set complete???


  1. Oh, so cute, Pauline! I love the expressions on the faces of the dolls. You're quite the artist. I'm sure the girls loooove their gifts! After all, what little girl wouldn't?

  2. Again, these dolls are absolutely fabulous. Love their expressions and clothes. Great work Pauline!!!!!