Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dubai sunshine


Well I arrived in Dubai at 8:45pm last night (4:45pm UK time) and then I had to force myself to go to sleep around 11pm (7pm UK time) and then get ready to be up for 7am (3am UK time) and its fair to say that at 8:29pm tonight I am now almost ready for bed.

The temperature was 75f when I arrived last night and it has been lovely and hot here all day, however I only managed to sit outside for 1 hour for lunch where we sat in the shade and for the rest of my day I was in an office for meetings.

Sadly, I am not sure I will get to experience too much of this beautiful weather as I have back to back meeting scheduled for me all week, but it is nice that I don't have to wear a coat to walk from the hotel to the office.

This is the weather forecast for the coming week:-

Weather for Dubai - United Arab Emirates

23°C | °FSunMonTueWed
Mostly SunnyMostly SunnyMostly SunnyMostly Sunny
Partly Cloudy
Wind: W at 9 mph
Humidity: 49%
More later....................................


  1. Here today in Southwest Virginia USA it was 39F high. Should be around 18F tonight. Although this is "Christmas weather", I must say I am quite jealous!

  2. well those temps would be considered high compared to the UK where it is only 8c at the moment.

  3. Ohhh how lucky. I wish I was back to the good weather ...

    You got a win on my blog. Check out later.