Monday, 5 December 2011

Alana in the dressing gown

I thought I would  post these photos for you to see - we managed to get Alana to model the dressing gown today (she would only put it on if Daddy put it on her).

So I managed to get the length right, however Alana seems to have short arms so we just have to roll the sleeves up - but I think the fabric will wear out before she grows out of it.

So I am pleased say her first outfit was a success.  I am now thinking perhaps a pair of matching PJ's.


  1. She is just soooo cute in that dressing gown. Matching pj's would be perfect to go with it.

  2. How sweet , she looks really cosy :-)

  3. Love your little model. Alana-Hood is so cute in her dressing gown.