Monday, 5 December 2011

McCalls 5978/Jalie 2805

Last week I purchased some nice knit from Leather Lane market, and this week I managed to get going on it.  The first thing I made was another Jalie 2805 polo/turtle neck jumper

and I knew that I wanted to make a twin-set so decided to adapt, and then use McCalls 5978 for the cardigan/jacket part.

I lengthened the cardigan from the waist to give a longer line, but I want to use this for work, so decided to insert two double welt pockets - I have circled the pocket in the photograph because it hard to see.

I used the Palmer Pletsch method to produce these double welt pockets, taken from their "Jackets for Real People" book.  I cut the actual welt sections on the bias which they suggest you do if you are using a striped fabric.

This isn't a true stripe, but the ribs in the fabric give a striped effect and you can just see the angle of the of the ribbing where this was cut on the bias.

The pattern doesn't include lining pieces, and therefore, its not really designed for a double welt pocket.  I didn't have any grey lining, so I used a flesh coloured lining for the pocket bag, which doesn't look nice if the jacket were to swing open, so I elected to line the jacket.

I made my own lining by cutting the back piece but about 5/8" from the fold line to give a little extra fabric for movement - I will put a pleat in the centre back.

For the front I took the front pattern piece, traced a new pattern piece, then placed the facing pattern piece over the top and traced around that. (basically you don't need this part) I added 5/8" for seam allowances and then cut away the section I don't need and as you can see from the pinned section below the lining is attached to the facing edges..

I have partially attached the lining, but will use the bagged method to complete this.  I am not 100% happy with the way the front it sitting so I think rather than rush this to take away with me, I may leave it until I get back.

I know you are not going to believe me, but I have nothing to wear for my business trip on Wednesday.  I know I have been making things and posting them on here, but unfortunately I have left a lot of them at the flat, and I am not going back there before I go away.

I did remember to bring home my grey pants, and my knock off lace twin set, and one of my other Jalie tops, but I did forget to bring home some of my blouses that would have been ideal for Dubai.

Still that said and done, I decided to run up another of the fabrics that I bought in Leather lane the week before last.  I used Jalie 2805 again, but this time I halved the collar to create a crew neck top rather than a full polo/turtle neck top.

Hopefully this top will cope with the cold weather that has been forecast for the coming week.

I did manage to run up 4 pairs of panties from my kwick-sew pattern (well you know what they say if you get run over etc) ha ha.

That's it for tonight and probably until I get back now.

More, but much later.............................................


  1. The cardi looks terrific. I'm wondering is adding a lining is difficult when working with a knit. I have never done that, but would love to have a bit more warmth at times.

  2. Mary, lining this was no more difficult/easy than lining a more stable fabric. This is quite a firm knit anyway. I made sure I added enough fabric for movement so there is a pleat at the top.

  3. I love, love, love what you did to the McCalls pattern! I hope you can make the fronts work when you get back from traveling!

  4. Thanks Carolyn - I got distracted by making rag dolls for the grandchildren yesterday and today for Xmas gifts, but will press on with it between now and the new year as I am technically off work now yippeeee.