Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas is over and Presents unwrapped

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I was up fairly early to get my Turkey in the oven as it needed 5 hours to cook.  We had all the trimmings to go with it, fluffy potatoes roasted in goose fat, home made pork sausage meat stuffing, spiced red cabbage, brussel sprouts, parsnips etc etc.  Needless to say we all sat down after Christmas dinner and felt rather fat and full.

You recall that I made my DGD Alana a dressing gown and a rag doll with matching outfit.  Well, after a little struggle we managed to get her into her PJ's and dressing gown and here is a picture of her with Auntie Lauren.

Alana wasn't too happy about wearing PJ's and dressing gown because she thought she had to go to bed.

I couldn't resist popping this photo up - she just loves ducks and her auntie Lauren.

My children popped into my local sewing machine supplier who was very helpful by suggesting various Christmas gift ideas for me, so I was glad to open lots of packages of Madeira thread, embroidery machine needles, tear-away stabiliser and a £50 voucher which will be spent on accessories for my lovely Bernina.  My D Mike got me some great ebooks that were advertised on the Threads site which are now sitting on my ipad, and bless him, he paid for a sewing weekend that I had put my name down for to be held one weekend in April, and I got a new office chair too...........  I was very happy with all my gifts and feel very lucky.

I made my D Mike another fleece and embroidered some RTW Tees for him too and I was glad that they all fitted well.

I hope to do some sewing tomorrow, so I should be able write more later..............................


  1. There is a certain relief that it's all over and life returns to normality - mainly sewing time! Your family are lovely. The dressing gown is gorgeous - as is DGD. Have a wonderful New Year and lots of sewing in 2012.

  2. Thank you Ruth - Happy New Year to you too - look forward to seeing your next sewing project.