Monday, 19 December 2011

first Rag doll completed

Today I managed to complete Alana's rag doll.

Yesterday I had finished the doll but today I had to dress her.  The first thing I made her were her shoes.  I used some left over fleece I found in my scrap bag and sewed these by hand - it really didn't take too long.
I used the leg/foot pattern piece to gague the size of the shoe, drew around the foot part, and the cut a slight curve as you would find in a shoe.  For the base of the shoe, I just use the base of the leg/foot.  Each shoe has been finished with a strap and a little bow.  I decided to sew the shoe to the foot to save them getting lost.

Next step was the doll's PJ's and dressing gown.  I chose night-wear for my doll because I thought it would be good fun to make a dressing gown for the doll that matches Alana's dressing gown,

and of course I now need to make Alana some PJ's to match dolly's pj;s.

Here are the end results - Dolly in her PJ's and dressing gown ready to cuddle up and watch TV with Alana on Christmas day.  Sadly I didn't have enough fabric to make a fabric belt so used so ribbon instead.

Now I need to finish dolly No. 2 and make Alana's PJ's.



  1. Absolutely too cute. What a lucky granddaughter to have such a wonderful grandmother to make her this doll.

  2. This is such a precious, adorable doll.