Tuesday, 8 May 2012

BurdaStyle Magazine - 09/2011 Geometric Sheath Dress

The term busy is an understatement for me right now, and I just didn't have time to dress up for a photo shoot over the weekend to show off my Burda Geometric sheath dress, but thought I would show you what it looks like on Edna.

I love the design on this dress, and it makes it just a little different from the norm.  I made my wearable muslin in yellow here and fell in love with the design to took another deep breath and cut into my 2nd Linton Tweed fabric.

Here are the details:-

The pattern recommends that you use a dress fabric or a wool/wool blend.  I used a wool blend from Linton Tweed.

The directions on instruct you to line the top, but I lined the whole dress and its feels lovely.

The "V" insert in the front was a little low, exposing the top of my bra, so I added an extra 5/8" to extend it.

I haven't produced these yet, but I will add a couple of safety straps to attach to my bra strap to stop the sleeves falling off the shoulders - they do sit just on the edge, so the straps will give some extra support.

The dress is quite long on my 5' 4" frame so I shortened it a little to make for better proportions on me.

If you are looking for something different this is the dress - originally I was going to make a simple sheath dress, then saw this and thought "yes that's the one".

So my Chanel style Jacket is made to go with the dress - both have been made from Linton Tweed and both have been lined in the same gray lining.

I used the same dark gray bias binding on the dress hem and sleeves hem.  This wool crepe fabric frayed like mad - so this was double protection.

So I have some great nude shoes and some peach coloured pearls that I will wear with this outfit.  I am now looking for a bag - I know the fashion is not to go for matching sets these days, but I am a little old fashioned and quite like that idea but I am still looking.

Catch you later...................


  1. Your dress looks wonderful. I know you will look smashing at the wedding. If you don't want to matchy match the bag to shoes try on of the colours in the jacket or a navy blue.

  2. You'll look great - and I hope the sunshines, or least stays dry!

  3. Ann thanks for your suggestions - yes I do keep looking at the contrasting handbag thinking "that could work too".

    Ruth - I am praying for sunshine Scotland and rain don't mix too well.

  4. Now that is one sharp dress!

  5. I just love the lines and details of this dress. You did a wonderful job of making it and the Chanel jacket. They'll be quite the stunning outfit!

  6. I just love how distinctive this dress is. Beautiful job!

  7. What an absolutely stunning design for that dress and how wonderful the jacket will look with it. I am so inspired by your blog and hope to emulate your amazing skills.

  8. I *love* your dress. I read your review on PatternReview.com and love your blog! Thanks for sharing.

    Kayellen in Texas (USA)

  9. Thank you - all of you for you lovely comments

  10. Replies
    1. Tia

      thank you so much - sorry for the late reply but we have only just returned from the wedding.