Thursday, 24 May 2012

Paris May 2012/Orange

Having only just got back from our trip to Scotland, I had to take a trip out to Paris for work.

I never fly to Paris, I am fortunate enough to live close enough to one of the stations that the Eurostar stops at, and trust me, once you have used the Eurostar, you never want to fly.

Now  I am not saying the Eurostar is never delayed, or you don't get stuck in a long queue to check-in etc., but its just so much more comfortable, especially as  I am lucky enough to travel Business class for work.  This means so I can sit at a comfortable table, and work on my laptop in relative comfort with slightly more room than on an aircraft.

I don't have anything exciting to show you because I arrived, went out for dinner, next day gave two presentations back to back - another dinner and bed.  Today another early start, more presentations and meetings followed by a long conference call before dashing out of the door to grab my cab to the Gare du nord to get the train back to the UK. C'est la vie

Still here are some pictures just to prove I was there.  The weather has turned extremely hot, and everyone else in Paris was enjoying the sunshine.  I, on the other hand, was in my business suit feeling very hot sitting in the back seat of a taxi, making our way through the mad crazy traffic of central Paris.

Once I was in my car on my way home, I popped into a shopping centre to see if I could find some orange shoes.  "Orange" I can hear you say.  Well while I was on vacation I picked up a cute little orange bag, and I wanted a pair of flat ballet pumps to go with them.

Sadly I didn't find what I was looking for tonight, but have found some one line so will order them and wait for them to arrive.  I will post my ideas with these bright coloured items when they both arrive.

Catch you later..................................


  1. Very interesting buildings. Would love to go there but I wonder if I ever will.