Thursday, 3 May 2012

Signe Chanel DVD - review

I guess I am still in a Chanel mood because I ordered and received a copy of the Signe Chanel DVD, a documentary by Loic Prigent.

I LOVED THIS DVD - and can't wait to replay it especially to look at the sewing room scenes.

The DVD takes you through the process of Karl Langerfeld drawing his sketches, the ladies in the workshop interpreting them into the design you see on the catwalk - amazing.

If you, like me, are going through a Chanel phase of your sewing life, you will love this film and draw lots of inspiration from it (I am going to make one of those nifty pin pouches they wear).  For those of you who love to do hand sewing you will be in your element.  Unless I missed something, I didn't see a single sewing machine in the workroom.

This was not a cheap DVD, but I loved it.  I also purchased another DVD, Valentino the last emperor, so will let you know what I think when I have the chance to watch it.

On a separate note, I have had two horrific days of driving to and from work.  It took me 3.5 hours (instead of 1.5 hours) to get to the office yesterday and I didn't get home until 9pm in the evening, so I have been too exhausted to sew, but I am working from home today and intend continuing my work on my Chanel inspired wedding outfit tonight so I can get it finished because I need to make a wedding cake this weekend.

Catch you later...............


  1. This video sounds great. Is it in French? With English subtitles? Curious.

  2. Dixie it is in French with English subtitles - but a great DVD - there is the odd spoken English at some of the fashion shows but that is it.