Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pin pouch and Burda dress progress

Ok, I make no apology for the shoddy workmanship on my pin pouch, but watching my new Chanel DVD I was inspired by the little pin pouches the ladies in the workroom wore.  Here is my version made from some scraps of quilted fabric and some fleece.

Cut yourself a piece of cardboard to whatever size you want your pouch to be - score it where the fold line will be.  Cut your fabric pieces slightly larger than the cardboard.  Sew right-sides together on 3 sides, press, turn right sides out and then slip the piece of cardboard in side before blind stitching the open edges in place.

Fold the cardboard sandwich just slightly less than in half so the back piece is slightly higher than the front as you can see in my picture below.  Secure the side seams.  I finished mine with some bias binding.  On the back sew a safety pin in place which will be used to attach the pouch to the front of the garment you are wearing - alternatively you could sew something to the pouch to hang around your neck.

I have been using this tonight when doing some hand sewing and it is great.  I often use the sleeves of my garment, or even stick the pins into my bra (I know stop laughing)....  Still no longer will I do that now I have my pin pouch.

I managed to do a little more to my blue Burda dress, I stitched some of the lining pieces that are ready to be pressed and attached the sleeves to the dress.  Once I have finished sewing the lining pieces together I will be ready to insert it into the dress and get this completed by Saturday at the latest.  I still have to make a shirt for my D Mike's birthday and make my sister's wedding cake on Monday.

Catch you later.................


  1. I LOVE this pin pouch...tutorial must come soon. Ps we having a pincushion swap and this pouch its a great idea.

  2. Your dress is stunning. You are going to look amazing for this wedding. If they gave a best dress prize.......

  3. What a stunning dress. You will steal the show at the wedding!!

    Love the pin pouch. Picture tutorial please.

  4. That dress is absolutely beautiful. Love the pin pouch and have a small obsession with that Chanel DVD.

  5. That dress is just FAB! Did you trace the pattern from all the wiggly lines? - I'll be even more impressed if you say yes.

  6. Ruth, yes I did trace all the pattern pieces from the wiggly lines - was a little challenge but I have to say, I am so pleased with this dress it has prompted me to subscribe to Burda Magazine - we can't get them too easily where I live, and I travel into Fenchurch St train station and they don't stock it there, but they do at Liverpool Street - that is a real pain for me, so I bit the bullet and paid the extra to have it delivered..... Just finishing the lining, so nearly ready for a photo shoot later this weekend.