Thursday, 31 May 2012

Negotiating skills hmmmmmm

So you may recall that I mentioned my deal - 10 shirts = 1 Chanel handbag.  On Tuesday, I thought I would actually look up the cost of the handbag, gasp, horror, gulp.......

Now when my D Mike agreed to the deal, he too guessed how much the bag was, so was reasonably happy with the deal, believing the price was similar to the one I thought of too, however we were both about 30% short of the true price.

Now as you may recall, it was his birthday a couple of weeks ago and one of his birthday presents was dinner at the OXO Tower in London.  We sat down on the balcony, enjoying our drinks, and spurred on by the splendid 3/10 shirt he was wearing,  when I thought I had better broach the subject of the cost of the bag and explained that I may have under guessed the cost..................

Now Mike being Mike said that if this was something that I was going to cherish and keep for ever and ever, then he didn't mind getting me the bag.  I sighed a huge sigh of relief, and thought how lucky am I.  Shortly after we were asked to take our seat at the table and the waiter offered Mike the wine list.

"Oh this looks lovely £5,000 a bottle, oh no, I have found a better one, £15,000 a bottle, well you are paying for tonight, and you did say I could have what ever I wanted didn't you"?   Noticing that I had turned a paler shade of white, he laughed and went for a bottle of wine more fitting my credit card limit, but I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself for a while.

We actually had a lovely evening, and if you are in London I can recommend the restaurant.  They finished the evening with a birthday ice-cream, complete with candle and Happy Birthday writing on the plate together with a photograph of us on the balcony.

Tomorrow I have my Fellowship graduation - I have been awarded the Fellowship status of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.  I hope to post some photos of the event.

Catch you later....................................


  1. Happy birthday to Myke. Thanks for sharing you lovely evening

  2. Happy Birthday to Mike. It looks like you had a wonderful evening with a bit of teasing. Congrats on your graduation.

  3. Contratulations on the Fellowship. I am sure it is well deserved. Enjoy that bag and that man!