Monday, 28 May 2012

Nails, shirt and buttons

Hi, I have been getting some great bargains in the charity shops lately, and I think this may be my back-up to Walthamstow market.  I managed to purchase some 5 mtre pieces of fabric a few weeks ago, and again on Friday but following the announcement of my 10 shirt marathon, I need quite a few buttons - 100 to be exact.  Now my local shop is charging me 10p for each button, not too extreme I hear you say, 10 buttons per shirt = £1, but you know me I love a bargain.

It is amazing what you can buy in a charity shop.  I purchased a Fisher Price musical chair thing for my DGD for only £3.50 and when I looked up the new price it was £35.  This toy looks brand new and Alana loved it.  Today I purchased an ELC cooker washing machine toy (she is always pushing my washing machine buttons) and again it was only £3.50.

The original reason for going into the shops in the first place was looking for ties (to use as bias trim - go for the pure silk ones to add a touch of glamour, and they are great for Hong Kong finish to your seam allowances too) books and buttons, however I was distracted by the toys lol.

Friday I purchased a bunch of ties along with the Fisher Price toy, but best of all was a Hermes tie for £1.25 which is still selling on line today for £135.00 (that has to be the bargain of the century).  I wasn't going to tell my D Mike that it came from a charity shop, but without the lovely orange box they sell these things in, it would be hard to convince him it was new.  Still I think its great.  Its bright red, so I will have to make him a shirt to wear with it.

Today I planned on getting the buttons for shirt number 3 on route to the dentist.  There are a couple of charity shops close to the fabric shop, so before buying any I thought I would ask around.  The first shop said no they didn't have any but get them from time to time, but I struck lucky on the 2nd one and managed to buy 200 (I've counted them) for £3.00 - they only asked £1.99 but I was so pleased, and it was for charity I gave them a little more.

Last but not least I had my nails and toenails manicured on Saturday.  My nails are shameful - too much crafting and sewing means they break really easily, so I have had a set of gel nails done, for the first time ever - not bad in 53 years.  I am still getting used to them.  They put tips on my nails then applied the gel - they are hard, so I hope durable too, however have you ever tried picking up pins off the table with these nails - I have to lick my finger if my fingers aren't tacky enough and even today I feel like I have something alien stuck to my fingers, but they look pretty - lets see if I can keep up appearances.

That's all my news for now.  As you can see from the picture below - No 3 now has buttons (not from the charity shop because I didn't want white) and it looks good.

Let me know if you ever go to the charity/thrift shops and get good bargains.  Catch you all later...........


  1. I love the idea of using silk ties for bias! I'll have to look the next time I'm out and about.

    Love the shirt!

  2. You can strengthen soft nails by buffing them a couple of times a week with french chalk.

    1. Interesting I will have to try it