Friday, 17 August 2012

McCalls 5433

My twin sister is the queen of thrift shopping and picked up two pieces of fabric for me recently.

The fabric itself looked lovely and I had two items in mind to sew from the first piece, however in my wildest dreams, I never thought it would be such a nightmare to sew.

This fabric stretched every time I put it under the presser foot, and yes I guess I could have used a walking foot, but I persevered and managed to finish both items but am so glad that I don't have to sew it again.  I am not sure of the composition of the fabric, but it feels like a cotton mix but I am glad I didn't pay good money for this otherwise I would have been spitting pins.

For me I chose McCalls 5433, and because this top was made up out of the remnants of the first article (to be blogged about later) I selected view C but using the shorter length.

This is a Misses shirt in three lengths: Semi-fitted shirt has three length variations and four armhole and sleeve variations, colar and collar band, front band and stitched hems with side slits: shirt D has sleeves that may be rolled up to for cuffs (wrong side of fabric will show).

This is a Palmer Pletsch pattern which includes instructions and cutting lines for sway back, broad back and FBA too which saves you the bother of trying to work out where to cut or draw the lines for these adjustments.

I cut a size 12 and made all 3 adjustments for my little top which is really a wearable muslin.

On the whole, despite all the sewing difficulties with the fabric, this top turned out ok.  I have added a little extra to the FBA on the paper pattern, so I have a little more room for the next top I make.

The instructions for this blouse are really clear and straightforward, however I confess that having made a large number of shirts recently I didn't really look too closely at them.

One thing I did differently was to use marking paper to mark the darts for this top.  It certainly does make it more accurate.

While this particular top will not rank high in my wardrobe, it will be perfect for lounging around the house, and hopefully my next version will not give me so much grief due to fabric choice and will be used for work etc.

Catch you later..................


  1. It sounds like the fabric had lyrca in it. I know the pink one did and it was harder to sew. The pattern you chose looks like a nice one for your wardrobe.

  2. I have this pattern on order, so glad you have given it a go. The finished shirt looks fine, and wearable. Have you a fabric in mind that would work better with this pattern???? Looking forward to seeing it...

  3. It's a shame when fabric and pattern don't like each other.