Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Planning my wardrobe for my KL trip

In two and half weeks I will be flying to Malaysia for a work trip so have been giving some thought to my wardrobe.

I will only be away for a week, so will need to pack smart and light as I hate having to drag too much luggage with me when I travel for short trips.  I have to give two presentations and thought that I might wear my blue Chanel style jacket that I made for my sister's wedding, and with this in mind, I decided to use up the remnant of blue wool that I purchased at Linton Tweed that I found in their bargain bucket for just £5.00.

Now the reason I purchased this remnant was because it was the exact same wool that I purchased to make my Burda dress that I wore with my blue jacket for the wedding.  How did I know it was the same??  Ah well,  I knew it was the same was because I had my dress in the car and compared it to the fabric before I purchased it.  After making my dress I had a little left over and thought that this extra metre of fabric would give me an element of certainty that I would have enough fabric for a skirt to go with my jacket.

This morning (the last of my long weekend) I cut out and made the skirt from this McCalls 6042 Palmer Pletsch pattern from the single piece of fabric I purchased, leaving my original scraps left unused. I will post a photo/review at the end of the week, because  I still have to hem it.

Now what to do with that scrap of fabric left over from the dress, well I had just enough to cut out another Simplicity 4885 camisole top that I made out of the silk jersey.  I forgot to mention that with the silk jersey I omitted the side zipper, but I think the wool will not have as much give, and I will have to line it, so will definitely have to include it this time.

I cut out two other tops at the same time, in similar colour palette to make:

OOP Simplicity 9581 which you can see here when I made it back in January.  This time I am using a gray, lemon and white fabric which is quite sheer, so will need a camisole to be worn with it.  I also cut out

Bagdley Mischka's blouse again using another sheer grey leopard print fabric.  I have made this blouse twice before, once for me (not blogged about) and once for a friend as a leaving gift posted here.

Ideally, and time permitting, I hope to make a pair of gray trousers/pants to go with my wardrobe so I can get several looks from the key pieces.

I think I have a busy weekend coming up, but before I can get my teeth into my projects (all cut out, folded neatly into ziplock bags with their pattern cover, waiting for me to sew them up) I have a business meeting in London all day tomorrow and then a 7:25am flight to The Netherlands on 'Thursday morning and not back until Friday so I will just have to restrain myself until Friday night.

This is the nearest I have got to making a 6PAC but its getting there so fingers crossed for a trouble free sewing weekend.

Hope your sewing plans are coming to fruition. Catch you later.....................................................


  1. Love the wardrobe that you are putting together. It sounds so professional. In some ways I am jealous and in other ways I am happy that I don't need to dress up every day.

    1. Lucky that I work from home for a couple of days a week, so on those days I don't have to dress up either. But I understand where you are coming from.

  2. This will all make such a lovely ensemble. You'll knock them dead in these gorgeous clothes.

  3. It sounds beautiful. I hope it is a lovely thin wool for Malaysia though!

    1. Well, I will be predominately in a hotel with air con, so it really doesn't make too much difference, but it is a nice light weight wool and the tops are sleeveless or sheer.

  4. I LOVE reading your blog and viewing the photos! Could you answer in
    wyour responses: "How do you get around to wearing everything you make?" There are
    so many lovely pieces! Carolyn


    1. Carolyn, thank you for your comment I am delighted you enjoy reading my blog. In answer to your question, Some things I make and wear quite a few times, some thing I make for a special occasion and perhaps only wear it the once. I guess that is one of the benefits of sewing. I also have the advantage of living out of two different homes so I do split my clothes between the two houses.

  5. Lucky you, finding treasure in the Linton bargain bin! You are smart to get some extra mileage out of your fabulous wedding outfit.