Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Progressing with our wedding plans

I can't believe that it will only be 9 months to our wedding day, and I think I can officially say I need to get into panic mode.

Today we drove to the wedding venue to firm up some more arrangements and went through a number of things we need to do.

We made a decision on the room that we want to be married in, which gives us the cause of our first problem, because they only have a licence to have  50 people attend the actual wedding service (including us two and the bridesmaids) and we have more than 50 with our combined immediate families.  Making the selection process will be difficult, and I hope that those selected to be asked to kindly wait in the other area during the service will understand.

We took a look around the marquee where we will have our sit-down meal and party in the evening - so that all looks good, but I need to make decisions on colour schemes for flower arrangements, and table decorations etc.

We finished by having a lovely lunch (my treat) at the venue, sitting outside overlooking the river in beautiful sunshine.  It was so lovely, and relaxing.  After my lovely treat last week, I wanted to do something special for my D Mike today, especially because today we celebrate 5 very very happy years together, and it still only seems like yesterday that we first met.

Last night I spent ages looking for a document that I already had in my hand, but thought it must be more than just that.  I had found my decree absolute, but it didn't look very official (if you know what I mean), but a telephone call to the court confirmed that I had the right document, so panic over.

While we were driving I called to book the Registrar who informed us that we have to present ourselves to our local Registrar to give notice of our wedding and present proof of identity and confirm we are free to marry (who would have thought - it didn't occur to me).

Lastly we drove to look at a selection of vintage cars,  to transport us between the the hotel where we will be married and the reception venue.  After a lot of deliberation, we both decided that we loved this beautiful 1928 Wolseley because the car is appropriately of the Art Deco era which will be the theme for our wedding.  A special thanks go to my future father-in-law to be who has kindly offered to pay for the car as our wedding present.  Thanks David that is so kind of you.

Of course I can only share those items that both Mike and I know about on this blog because he does read it, but I will post anything I can share as we move closer to the date.

Catch you later...................


  1. Ohhhh, its getting exciting with the plans!!! Can't wait to hear/see more...

  2. How exciting that the plans are moving forward. I do love your car choice. Very appropriate. Can't wait to hear more.

  3. What a lovely, happy post! I have no doubt you will have it all under control...have fun!

  4. I am very excited to see you walking to the aisle.. Congratulations in advance!!

  5. It all sounds exciting and lovely!!!!

  6. Sounds like everything is coming together beautifully so far! Exciting!