Friday, 24 August 2012


A few months back I made a quillow for my friend's new granddaughter and tonight I saw this delightful photograph on facebook with a thank you message for me.

People never really know how many hours go into making a gift like this, but it brings joy to my heart to see it being used.

Mike and I have two more grandchildren arriving between December this year and February next year, so I guess if I am going to make any more quilts, I had better make a start on them now because I think my wedding planning and sewing will be my No.1 priority next year.

Catch you later............


  1. What a sweet picture. Yes, it makes you happy when you see it used.

  2. The hours you put into this quilt is obviously being enjoyed by these two adorable littlies!

  3. Just beautiful! the babies and the quilt!

  4. Beautiful babies and your quillow is so precious.

  5. Adorable! And the quillow is fantastic too