Saturday, 18 August 2012

Peter Rabbit and the shirt

My D Mike's father, and soon to be father-in-law, has a knick-name at home - Bunny.  With this in mind I wanted to make him a shirt for his birthday (last week) and add contrasting fabric with rabbits on.

The only fabric I could find was the Beatrix Potter fabric, with Peter Rabbit and his friends on, so I had to make do with that.

I have already blogged about this dreadful fabric, which stretched every which way when I stitched it, and I think I unpicked the collar about 4 times before I finished in the end.

So this is my end result which was delivered and received today, which is why I can now post about it.

 I used the same Kwik Sew pattern that I used for all my previous shirts, but the only change I made was to add the small pleats in the back.  Mike doesn't really like the pockets on shirts, but I figured that David would, so I added the pocket with a monogram and a small image of a bunny which I sewed on my Janome 350e machine.

I believe the shirt was well received, and as mentioned before I am so glad I don't have to sew this fabric again.

I have been doing some more sewing today which I will post about tomorrow.  I have had two fans on the whole time to stop me keeling over in the heat.  It was around 28c today and even as I type this at 8:30pm the heat hasn't really reduced much.  Makes a change from the rain I guess so shouldn't really complain.

Hope you have had a good weekend.

Catch you later..........


  1. Very lucky future father in law. You just scored big time!

  2. Very nice shirt for you future father-in-law.

    We are still experiencing hot temperatures and can hardly wait for it cool down. We hit 100.6 or 38.1C yesterday and I bet we get there today. 34.1C at 2 p.m. and rising.

  3. What a unique and personal gift - lovely.

  4. You are a wonderful daughter in law (to be). Nice shirt.
    But sewing with the temperatures from last weekend, not so good.