Saturday, 25 August 2012

Prym Pliers for Press Fasteners, Eyelets, & Piercing

Ok, the snap on fasteners have always been a problem for me and I just never managed to get them onto the garments without managing to damage half the snapper when using the tool that comes in the packet and a hammer.

When I stayed with Sigrid she was wearing a cardigan with snaps down the front and I asked how she got on using the tool.  She informed me that she uses the Prym pliers and found it a success so never one to miss a useful tip I decided to purchase a pair of these pliers.

Now there is one small problem with this little story in that Sigrid never showed me how to use these pliers so here I am with my pliers trying to work out how to use them and I found this You Tube clip which, if like me, seeing a visual demonstration (stored on my blog) will be a useful reminder.  My D Mike is currently in a haberdashery shop purchasing some snaps to put on a blouse I am currently making so I'll let you know how I get on later.................

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